Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shipping and Receiving Logistics for Veterinary Facilities

Shipping and Receiving for Veterinary Facilities
How many times have we heard, I want it now, I want it in good condition, and I want it shipped free.  These may be some of the thoughts we have when we order product from a vendor.  We all have horror stories of what may have gone wrong with a shipment, the item was broken, damaged, or maybe it never showed up at all.
We seldom think about all the products and supplies shipped to our business every day that logistically went as smooth and trouble free as the way we anticipated it would.
Every day Diagnostic Imaging Systems ships a large number of packages via UPS & FED EX  to our valued customers.  We are a flexible shipper and offer a variety of shipping methods and options from overnight and regular ground deliveries to international customs export capability.  DIS is small enough to get personally involved when a shipment doesn’t go as anticipated
From time to time we will offer shipping tips and observations that affect the flow of product from Diagnostic Imaging Systems to our valued customers.
These shipping tips may help you with your shipping situations.
1.  Use packing material around whatever you ship so that it can survive the trip.  Solid Styrofoam is best, newspaper and peanuts can work but be sure to compress enough to sufficiently protect the item, peanuts have a tendency to shift during shipping so make sure you use plenty to fill all the crevices.
2.  A single strip of packing tape to hold a box together may seem cost effective but may not hold together long enough for the contents inside the box to arrive undamaged.
If for some reason you need to return an item to Diagnostic Imaging Systems please call us for a return authorization form with RA number before you ship the item back.  Once you receive the RA form and have the RA paperwork completed and put inside the box to be returned you are ready to pack.  When the product and RA arrives and is inspected store credit will be issued.

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