Friday, March 18, 2016


The vast majority of veterinarians count heavily upon the human-animal bond for their practice livelihood. (HAB = human animal bond = the interaction of people and animals in our society = practice profit center of the future.) But most Veterinarians do not realize the full potential of this bond. They could set themselves up to take full advantage of all the benefits this bond can provide the client and their practice by combining the use of the DR wizard in the animals wellness care program.

By implementing a new wellness care program and integrating the use of the new DR wizard’ to enhance HAB, regular scheduled wellness care visits (every 6 months, based on Human aging of 3 years) will bring in new clients and the return of existing clients plus enhance animal wellness and give a boost to your practice bottom line.

The use of the DR Wizard in an active wellness care program could prevent any potential emergency situations long before any life threading situation exist via DR wizard’s lightning fast high diagnostic quality image allowing early diagnosis and faster treatment.

By Exploring every client contact for moments when the use of the DR wizard in a wellness care program could enhance animal health and contribute to the well being of the pet owner as follows:
1). Wellness dentistry a good human-animal bond
2). Euthanasia bioethics alternative planning
3)  Identifying animal abuse and neglect
4). Reduction of phone call “emergency case”
5). Increase the number of phone shoppers excepting your quality-based animal       care practice with wellness care program

Don’t forget to allow your practice staff members the opportunity to select wellness care HAB aspects of your practice. Help them develop a working knowledge of the subject material and the many aspects of the DR wizards preventive healthcare delivery options. Get them started with practice business cards with their new title (e.g., Diagnostic imaging specialists, wellness care planner, pain management advisor, veterinary dental hygienist, nutritional advisor, etc.), and promote their interest and new knowledge as a real client benefit

Celebrate the HUMAN ANIMAL BOND now through a WELLNESS CARE PROGRAM utilizing the low dose, high diagnostic capabilities the new DR wizard provides, EVERY DAY AND IN EVERY WAY!