Friday, March 28, 2014

You don't need a stationary x-ray system anymore

The days of needing a large stationary x-ray system are over! The Mobile VV400 Digital Navigator System can save veterinarians over $27,500 without compromising quality. The Mobile VV400 Digital Navigator is the latest in a long line of quality veterinary products from Diagnostic Imaging Systems. The Mobile VV400 Digital Navigator system consists of a mobile 2-way float top examination table, 120kV/100mAs self-contained x-ray unit and 17"x17" digital flat panel.

The Mobile VV400 is the first integrated 2-way float top mobile veterinary x-ray examination table, and with a 17”x17” DR Flat Panel, provides x-ray capabilities in the examination room and is wheeled directly into surgery suites or any area in your facility. It offers simple and accurate positioning with less movement of the patient, ensuring consistent, repeatable, and high quality images. This revolutionary, full-featured compact system produces substantial MR output when compared with Stationary systems, producing motionless radiographic images of a 125 pound canine thoracic at 120kVp exposure technique.

The Mobile VV400 Digital Navigator systems provides substantial mR output, 3 second image viewing, creates 33% less scatter radiation, is a space saver utilizing 50% less space than an ordinary stationary system, is mobile, has a better warranty and did I mention, can save veterinarians up to $27,500 once you figure equipment, shipping, installation, training, support, and warranty costs. This doesn't even include the space saving costs. The VV400 takes up 50% less space than stationary systems. That's 50% less square footage needed in your facility. If you're paying by the square foot, then that can easily save you $10,000-$20,000 over a 10 year period!

The Mobile VV400 Digital Navigator system is shipped fully assembled and ready to go out of the box. There is no special wiring needed, as it can be plugged into an ordinary 120vAC 15amp outlet, and no extra installation costs required, because the trained service technicians from DIS can install and train staff over the phone and online. The 17”x17” Dr Flat panel comes with a 2 year warranty, the self-contained x-ray generator and table have a 3 year Hot Swap Warranty, and all DIS products come with life-time toll-free training and support.