Monday, October 20, 2014

ScanX CR Scanner Cash or Trade For New DR Flat Panel

Are you tired of lugging around your old, heavy ScanX or other CR Scanner in the field? Are you fed up with replacing digital CR plates every couple of years and having to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance? Do you want something faster, lighter, and with better image quality? Diagnostic Imaging Systems has the answer with the new DR-wizard 14x17 Cassette-Size Wireless Flat Panel.

The DR-wizard is 37 pounds lighter than a ScanX Trek, 10 times faster, has better image quality, zero maintenance costs, and you don’t have to buy new plates or cassettes every couple of years.  Now you can have all the benefits a TRUE DR FLAT PANEL SYSTEM has to offer plus the convenience of receiving and transmitting X-RAY IMAGES wirelessly within seconds from anywhere in your facility or in the field at an affordable price! 

The DR-wizard is affordable for any veterinary facility, but you can save even more money by trading in your old ScanX or other CR scanner. DIS will take your used CR system and give you top dollar in cash, or you can use the trade value for the new DR-wizard. With monthly payments around *$500, you will quickly see your return on investment. Check out our easy to use CR Scanner Cash or Trade Value Calculator.

The DR-wizard comes with a 1 or 2-year warranty and lifetime toll-free support from the DIS trained in-house service department. You can trust that your purchase of the DR-wizard will be a sound, safe and secure investment from a company with over 30 years of diagnostic imaging expertise.