Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are all the DR flat panel systems created equal?

No! Not all DR flat panel systems are created equal. Read on to discover why there not equal?
Only one panel has the best resolution, excepts any generator with no connection and doesn’t requires  any cord connection to the computer.

Wireless Digital Navigator DR3500-CSW
100 micron: finest detail

Battery Powered: Litium

Battery: Field Replaceable

Manufacturer: German

Exposure Trigger: Connection Free

Panel Dimension: True Cassette Size

Accessory Usage: Standard Accessories

Image Display: Shortest Display Time

Exposure Command: No Exposure Delay
Other Panel Providers' Products
135-150 micron: Medium Detail

No Battery: Line Power Supply  cord required

Battery: Replacement by manufacturer return (battery model)
Manufacturer: Asian Rim

Exposure trigger: Cable Required

Signal required: Exposure trigger (wireless model)

Panel Dimension: Larger than cassette sizes

Delayed Image Display: Exposure synchronization delays image
Exposure Commans: Delays before exposure can occur

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