Friday, June 17, 2016

Beating Boredom- Your Cat & Dog Will Thank You

Let’s face facts–you’re a busy person. Work, family, friends…you’re spread pretty thin. Many pet owners believe that they don’t spend enough time with their pets. Fido and Fluffy get bored; you want to make things right but don’t know how to fix the problem. If your cat or dog is left alone all day every day, it’s a recipe for the blahs. Boredom can lead to depression as well as behavioral problems such as chewing, barking, spraying, etc. Because pets are not active when they are bored, boredom also commonly leads to obesity. So what can the busy pet parent do to help remedy this all-too-common situation?
If money isn’t an obstacle, your dog will benefit from a hired dog-walker. It’s been common in cities for years, and has now made its way to the suburbs. Obviously, the advantage is exercise, but it’s also a great way for your pooch to make new friends and visit unexplored locations Many dog walking services offer pet sitting services as well. It needn’t be overnight; pet sitters can spend 30 minutes as a play-date companion for your cat. It will break up your cat’s day and make it feel better. If this type of service is beyond your budget, you can always ask a neighbor (it’s a great first job for responsible tweens/teens) to come in and spend some time with your cat or dog.
Depending on your particular dog or cat, , you can always choose to add to the pet family. Normally, cats will tolerate a new cat after a period of adjustment. Post-adjustment, the cats usually spend time with each other and interact with each other…boredom be gone! Ask your vet about the best way to introduce a new cat into your home. In terms of dogs, most dogs also get along with new dogs after a period of adjustment, but some do not. Test the reaction of the old dog with the new dog on neutral ground. Again it’s advisable to ask your vet on how best to introduce the dogs.
Some pet owners have had success with DVDs created especially for cats and dogs. Seems crazy, but pets love them! Some of the DVDs loop, so they play over…and over…and over. Check online or at your local pet store to see what’s available. Additional options are the radio and television. We’ve heard good talk radio and classical music are the channels of choice!
Our days seem to get more and more busy, but we mustn’t forget about our animals. Much like us, they suffer when they feel neglected. After all, we’ve asked them into our homes for companionship…it’s only right that we make their lives full and happy.
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