Monday, November 9, 2015

Veterinary Digital X-Ray Equipment: Purchasing Value, Not Price

Buying any digital x-ray equipment, whether new or used, CR or DR, is not an inexpensive investment and shouldn't be treated lightly. However, too often we get hung up on price, looking for the cheapest equipment around to get us by and save a few dollars. This can be a fatal mistake, one that will cost you plenty more in the future.

First Consider SECURING the FEATURES, ADVANTAGES, and BENIFITS of purchasing Quality Equipment, from a Full Service Imaging Equipment Provider. This should be your first step before considering any digital x-ray equipment purchase. Remember this is an investment into your company now and long into the future. The VALUE benefit’s provided by quality equipment and a full service company cannot be solely based on only the purchase price.

Ask yourself these questions... What are its Value FEATURES that will benefit your staff by making them more efficient? What are the value ADVANTAGES in buying from a full service company over another equipment provider? Will the Value BENEFIT in spending a little more now ensure the continued lower maintenance cost and less equipment down time now and in the future when compared to purchasing a lesser product from an unknown provider? How much experience and what type of service after the sale does the company you're buying from offer in terms of a Safe Secure Investment?

We are not advocating going out and buying the most expensive x-ray equipment because it has the most bells and whistles. You need to find a balance between the features, advantages, and benefits, with how much you can afford to spend to insure you a Valuable Safe and Secure return on your investment. So when purchasing your new digital equipment don’t make the mistake of making price your top priority, consider the total value in your investment!

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