Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why move to a digital radiology system for your veterinary practice?

It makes good dollars & sense.

Versatility, form and function expedites critical diagnostic testing
Tech-savvy veterinary practices that were early adopters of digital radiology equipment in the 2000s already know the benefits a digital system brings. Indeed, the tools have already been fully embraced by forward-thinking hospitals and clinics around the world due to their versatility, functionality and ROI. Still, despite the fact that most everything today is digitized in this era of the “internet of things,” many veterinary practices are still relying on archaic, costly radiology equipment for diagnosis when dealing with their clients’ animals.

With digital radiology (DR) systems, no longer does a clinic or hospital need to support a darkroom, nor deal with complicated chemicals and expensive plastic film processing and storage. And, as use increases across clinics, digital image quality has increased while seeing prices fall within reach.

So what are some of the benefits of adopting a digital radiology system?

DR systems are fast: DR systems produce results much more quickly than traditional systems. No lengthy development process required.

They are effective: Accuracy and precision are key in diagnostics. DR technology delivers in this area, as the systems produce clear images that contribute to better diagnoses. Feature-rich DR systems have greater functionality than traditional systems. DR systems produce the desired results, without ever compromising quality.

They are user-friendly: DR systems come with tools that make them versatile, intuitive and easy for trained personnel to use. According to an article in Veterinary Practice News, imaging techniques are simplified by the versatile tools offered by a DR system: "Digital technology is much faster than conventional radiography, and the software allows adjustment of brightness, contrast, zoom and pan on a single exposure. As long as the patient is positioned correctly, most everything else can be fixed by the machine’s controls." 

They are portable: Mobile/portable DR digital table systems include detachable, removable parts that make x-ray technology mobile. Mobile DR systems bring the best radiology technology wherever it needs to go, enhancing productivity and providing versatile solutions for a veterinary facility.

They are affordable: No longer are digital systems outpricing traditional models. As the field has evolved, prices have gone done, making DR systems more accessible to practices of all sizes.The cost to maintain a digital system, once implemented, is much lower than maintaining the expensive products necessary to support ongoing use of a traditional x-ray system. DR systems increase and enhance radiology productivity, as explained in our earlier blog post. According to Veterinary Practice News, hospitals and clinics that invest in the technology see "faster return on investment" due to the systems' workflow advantages. 

“We spent a good deal of time in research and development consulting with professionals in the field for input on how to create DR products that answer all practitioners’ long-time complaints about traditional x-ray machines,” said Joe Hecker, President of Diagnostic Imaging Systems (DIS) and product development director for the department of imaging services. “DR systems’ benefits now surpass anything we expected, making them far superior to traditional x-ray systems. If cost is the only thing standing in a clinic’s way when it comes to adoption, they will want to take into consideration the cost savings that DR systems ultimately bring.”

Isn’t it time you started moving your practice toward an affordable digital radiology system?

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