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Special Pricing for DR-Wizard Equine Package for 2016 AAEP Conference Attendees

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Diagnostic Imaging System, Inc. Announces Special Product Pricing for Attendees of the American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention

Special Pricing for AAEP Show Attendees: Purchase Equine DR-Wizard package for $39,995

Rapid City, S.D., Nov. 30, 2015--Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Inc., (DIS) providing quality imaging products designed and engineered to match equine, mixed, or small animal practice needs, announced today that it would be offering special pricing to attendees of the 2015 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP). The 61st Annual Convention and Trade Show will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada Dec. 5-9, 2015. 

THE 14X17 Equine DR-Wizard package includes the most advanced CSI (cesium iodide scintillator) direct deposition technology. It is lighter, far more durable, and smaller in volume providing high quality images with less image distortion. This cutting-edge technology ensures the most rapid and high-quality image with the lowest dosage of radiation. The combination relays information instantly from your facility or the field with wireless data transmission. DIS offers economy, reliability and superior accuracy with the highest safety standards for operating in any environment.

Quality imaging ensures a better diagnosis. Whether patients are large or small, top-quality imagery is a key defining aspect to ensure proper decisions and treatment. DR-Wizard's comprehensive range of software algorithm species and body region applications automatically enhance image quality; resulting in diagnostic precision, without an increase in radiation dosage.

One of the key benefits of the DR-Wizard is the ability to customize the image display to individual veterinarian preference. This customization provides the best available image based upon the anatomy region and optimized image quality needed. Large and small animal algorithm package is standard with every DR-Wizard system.

"Great News!" said Dr. Shawn Frehner, DVM.  "I now have a digital radiograph machine.  I can take and develop all radiographs (x-rays) right on the spot and have answers within minutes. Diagnosis and Treatment!  It is awesome! Great for lameness and problems. ALSO, great to help your farrier do a perfect job or check problems in the foot. Thank you so much for all of your help and wonderful product. It is truly terrific and takes beautiful radiographs. The support has been wonderful from your company. And the product is top-of-the-line," Frehner said.

The REVOLUTIONARY Equine DR-Wizard flat panel system is the pinnacle in the final evolution of flat-panel digital X-ray detector technology. Now you can have all the benefits of a true DR flat-panel system, plus the convenience of receiving and transmitting x-ray images wirelessly within seconds from anywhere in your facility or in the field. All at an affordable cost, similar to a conventional, low-priced CR system.

About Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Inc. (DIS) provides quality imaging products at the best possible price with our “Just Ask” competitive pricing. The company combines industry knowledge with an understanding of the veterinary practice. Imaging needs are simplified, allowing the business owner more time to manage their business. DIS provides state-of-the-art solutions to match the needs of every practice. 

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