Monday, March 11, 2013

Digital Imaging Systems Product Recommendations: Small Animal Practice

1). Retrofit DR Flat panel 17x17 system
What x-ray equipment does the doctor have now?
If he has a workable x-ray unit I would highly recommend the DR 4300 flat panel retrofit because of its great image quality and lower cost then a complete generator table system. Two year warranty

Lowest cost way to obtain a 17x17 DR flat panel is this retrofit.
Modest Installation in-service cost

2). CR 4000 system with dental capabilities

If a facility wants the best value in a complete digital imager and processing time is not and issue, this
CR system's high image quality and low price with intraoral dental capability will fit the bill and it’s
manufactured in the USA. Comes with a three year hot swap warranty.

Lowest cost best way to obtain a quality U.S. made CR digital imaging system
As an added benefit the Dental option is available.
Installation in-service can be done over the phone.

The All Pro and Kodak systems are over priced, the Fire CR and the Fuji I don’t recommended because of
their high service costs.

3). 16 Mega Pixel Camera Imager with Table / Generator system

If a facility needs a complete stationary x-ray unit, I would offer them the DR3500 because it’s the
lowest cost budget priced complete x-ray table generator system.

Lowest cost most features in a complete DR camera system

4). DR4300 Flat panel mobile table with self contained portable 120kVp x-ray unit

This is the most cost effective best choice DR flat panel system that produces some of the best image
quality and it's mobile room to room capable!

Installation in-service can be done over the phone

5). DR4300 Flat panel with stationary table 40kW generator system

This is the top of the line system in every way and produces some of the best image quality with all the
benefits of a high powered generator and easy to use float top table.
Higher cost than any another system listed here, but one of the best for the multi-vet practice.

Modest Installation in-service charge

Modest Installation in-service to be added

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