Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Digital X Rays Save Lives

Digital X Ray Saves Live
Today we were contacted by a man in Maine who found Diagnostic Imaging Systems online while searching for costs of Veterinary X Ray Equipment. This man is not a DVM or a tech, just an ordinary person who lost his puppy and wanted more information about Digital X Rays. 

"We just lost our puppy from a piece of wood splinter lodged in its small intestines. We went to a great animal clinic up here in northern Me.and had a regular film x- ray done which didn't show any problems to speak of,maybe maybe.e.e a slight blockage. Probably a virus from eating something strange. We rushed our puppy to another hospital 24 hrs. later to a city 70 miles away and had a DIGITAL X-RAY done. What a DIFFERENCE it is not gray matter or most of this is something. I myself could see what was wrong just by looking at the digital x-ray. In closing if this helps any clinic or vet to invest in a digital x- ray machine, do it! This is a matter of life or death decisions.They can upgrade their old machines and go digital for 1/3 the price of a new one. I hope this helps others whether it is a vet or a client." - Mike
Mike told us that by the time the Digital X Ray was taken, it was too late. There was nothing the Vet could do for his puppy.  The purpose of Mike contacting us was not to bash the first Vet he took his puppy to. He really likes his Veterinarian and holds no grudge towards him. That Vet just had old equipment that was unable to properly evaluate the problem. Mike wanted to be more informed about Digital X Ray and the costs involved so he could go to his Veterinarian and try to express his concern that by not having current technology equipment it was a disservice to him as a client.

Having a Digital X Ray system isn't about having the latest and greatest new machine just to have it...it's about having the right equipment so lives can be saved.
Diagnostic Imaging Systems is the leading supplier of quality veterinary products since 1983, specializing in small and large animal packages. We can customize a package that's right for any Veterinary clinic or hospital. And with our Trade-in allowance, buying a new or used Digital X Ray system is more affordable than ever.

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