Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Digital X-ray Equipment Choices Provided by On-site Veterinary Supply Representatives Limited?

Online shopping for Digital x-ray equipment provides unlimited choices with value added positions!

Digital x-ray equipment sales
If I am looking to purchase digital x-ray equipment I wouldn’t find routine stops at my facility by veterinary supply sales representatives time well spent even for the much touted “show rooming of their equipment” as it’s called. Let me explain, they all say the same thing “I have what you need”. I know the odds of me finding the exact equipment I need in the onsite sales representative limited product line-up is very small when compared to the vast array of equipment choices I know are available online.

The onsite sales person’s sale pitch involves trying to sell you on his limited product offering, they will explain how they understand how the product works which you know may not be how it actually will perform in your practice. That is, you know you’re not going to buy from them once you realize they don't have sufficient product knowledge or the right product choices, or the warranties, terms and in-service support information to get you to listen any further. 

The kicker is you now have nothing to show for all the time you have spent listening to their sales pitch. On the other hand, at your leisure with a few online keystrokes and mouse-clicks you can find the products to suit your needs. Buy it, have it show up at your facility in a few days with hot swap warranties and unlimited online in-service support, now that’s the “value added proposition online shopping can provide”. So before I let any onsite sales representatives into my facility for the purposes of "show-rooming", I want to be assured their product can offer this same value added proposition, or why would I waste my time. Besides in most cases the Veterinary supply sales person is a multi product line sales representative without any specialized training in the digital imaging. 

When it comes right down to it, online shopping with all its value added propositions makes it irresistible. And rightly so, online shopping actually adds value they can't find any other way. Like time saving comparison shopping, specialized product expertise, hot swap warranted products and a vast array of product choices. The reality is, when it comes right down to it, whether online or brick and mortar there is nothing customers value more than the lowest price when supplied by a knowledgeable customer service based company. They may say they want this, that, or any number of things, but the only thing they actually will open their wallets to is the right product, at the right price, and with as many added value positions as possible and online shopping is it!

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