Friday, March 8, 2013

Used X-Ray Equipment Meets Veterinarians' Needs Without Hurting Bottom Line

Used X-Ray Equipment
Purchasing equipment is a huge investment for any veterinary business owner. It is not a decision that is made lightly, especially for a small or a start-up clinic. The economic downturn has led many businesses to think more cautiously about capital investments. Whatever the reason, many owners are looking toward purchasing used x-ray equipment instead of new. Depending on the size of your business, purchasing used radiography equipment from Diagnostic Imaging Systems may be a more feasible alternative than buying new at this time. In fact, there are a number of reasons veterinary professionals choose to purchase used x-ray equipment from DIS.
Looking for the best deal, while still getting a quality product is usually the primary goal for most veterinarians. When looking at making improvements to their equipment, savvy business owners will typically look at all options carefully, from purchasing new to purchasing a quality used piece. After deciding what suits their financial situation they will make the decision based on what best meets their needs.
Perhaps the most obvious reason for purchasing used x-ray equipment is the savings. The price of new radiography equipment can be high; however, the costs of used x-ray equipment are often remarkably less. In fact, you can buy good quality radiography systems from Diagnostic Imaging Systems for a very reasonable price. When you weigh the savings a veterinary business can achieve without sacrificing any quality or reliability, the outcome is obvious. You choose to buy from DIS.

When you begin the process of purchasing used x-ray equipment, the first question is often, “Where do I begin?” The logical answer would be to begin with a company that you already know and trust. Diagnostic Imaging Systems has a proven track-record with more than 30 years providing veterinary professionals with quality systems at affordable prices. The fact that the x-ray equipment is used need not impact the level of service and the quality of the product provided by DIS. We are continually committed to providing the highest level of service, which our customers expect from us.

The next question veterinarians find themselves wondering when they are looking at purchasing used x-ray equipment is usually, “Will it last?” DIS’s professional service technicians thoroughly examine each piece of used equipment to ensure you are getting a quality product at a great discounted price. With our reputation for being a fair and honest business, it makes sense to look to Diagnostic Imaging Systems first. If anything should go wrong, know that we have a service team that is easy to reach and quick to respond. Depending upon the product, many of the larger x-ray systems come with limited warranties.

The bottom line is that purchasing used veterinary radiography equipment from Diagnostic Imaging Systems could be one of the best business decisions you make this year. You have the opportunity to improve your level of service to your customers at a cost much lower than you would expect.

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