Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stepping into Digital Radiology one step at a time

Now more than any other time in the history of Veterinary medicine, choices for digital radiology equipment are at an all time high. No matter what your practice type, there’s a digital x-ray imaging system that’s right for you. How many times have you thought about the advantages of digital over film and how digital could benefit your practice? You have read about the increased image quality, time saving,money saving benefits. You know you need to step up to digital at some point in time, so why wait. Has the cost gotten you concerned?
 Cost should not be your only consideration when thinking about a digital system purchase.  If cost has been holding you back you need to not only consider the clinical benefits, you need to also consider the financial benefits stepping up to digital can provide. The increased positive cash flow digital can provide along with the flexible leasing options available can be a painless and profitable experience from day one! The cost savings for an average practice are substantial. Enough to make your lease payment for you while maintaining your present film profit. Some of your colleagues have stepped up to digital and reported time savings and image quality benefits along with a 20% increase in x-ray procedures, which has increased their bottom line an additional 20% after their lease payment.
There are four methods or step levels available to integrate digital radiology into your practice.  You may start at step one than move on to step two, or step three, or step four at any time in the future. It’s up to you to decide when it’s time to add additional new x-ray components. How old is your present x-ray equipment? How is it working? As long as it’s in working operation you may want to consider a digital system step upgrade or possibly trading it in on a complete digital system. The first two steps of the four steps involve using components from your present x-ray system and integrating the digital components into your existing x-ray equipment.  
Going digital with Step one is the least costly, generally about half the cost of a complete digital system and would involve having your cassette cabinet removed and a new Digital imager with computer and software installed in its place.  Step two Digital upgrade would cost about one third less than the cost of a complete digital system. Step two involves removing your old cassette cabinet as in step one and replacing it with a new digital imager plus replacing your old x-ray generator with a new anatomically programmed high frequency 40Kw generator. Step three is a complete digital system with digital imager, software, computer, table, tube stand, x-ray tube and x-ray generator. Step four is a dental intra oral option which can be added to any digital step purchase at any time after purchase. The integrated digital Intra-oral option is setup for table top exposure or with the blue tooth adapter can be used anywhere in you facility where an x-ray source is available.  
As you have read here, no matter what your need as long as you are actively using radiology in your practice there’s a digital step that’s ready to go to work for you. Make sure you compare digital systems and Digital imaging companies before you purchase. They’re not all created equal, exercise your purchase options by being an informed and educated consumer.  Good luck with your digital system purchase.

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