Monday, March 18, 2013

Purchase a Veterinary Digital X-Ray Imaging System for Free

Digital X Ray Choices

After selling Digital x-ray Systems for many years, I’ve noticed a pretty significant trend in the excuses used for why not to replace film x-ray imaging with digital x-ray imaging.  The most frequently used excuse is cost.  People are justifiably scared of strapping themselves to a $750 - $950 monthly lease payment.  Most Veterinarians will say they would love to have it, but have no idea how they would pay for it.  For the average veterinary clinic, the answer to this question is very simple.  A Digital Imaging System, when used to it’s potential, will pay for itself. 
The average veterinary clinic, equine, small animal or mixed animal in most cases are not using there radiology at even half its diagnostic potential.  The reasons for this are simple. Some are based upon convenience, or lack there of.  Ask your self how many x-rays in the last week you have not taken because it was not convenient, the processor either had bad or out of chem, the processor took to long to warm up, or needed cleaning or the risk of a “bad” film could put you in a situation of a non timely retake.  
These reasons for not taking a film radiograph are amplified significantly for an ambulatory practice.   Hours are wasted traveling back and forth to distant field calls.  Drive out, shoot, drive back, process, drive out, treat, drive back.  Repeat steps one and two if you missed a shot.  In many cases the doctor may skip the radiograph all together and just treat based on visual inspection or gut instinct.  Pre-purchase exams are usually out of the question.  All this changes with the use of a Digital X-ray System.
Digital X-ray Systems produce consistent results and are ready at a moments notice.  If an image is shot with the wrong exposure technique the image can be manipulated with the imaging software to correct most exposure technique errors.  When positioning errors occur or the patent moves you can repeat an x-ray is just seconds. For the equine doctors, it is a night and day difference.  Now, just one trip to the distant field call will be all it takes to x-ray, diagnose, and in most cases treatment the patient. The time savings alone will free you up for additional calls. More calls equals more exams, more exams equal more money. 
Let’s assume you are shooting 24 x-ray patients a month, and with the convenience of a digital x-ray system you could easily double that number to 48 films a month, plus you will have better radiographic quality.  Charging $80.00 per set of films, revenue will increase from $960 to $1,920 a month.  The extra $960 revenue increase will easily pay the lease payment. With additional cost savings coming from your savings in time and no film, chemical, or processor maintenance costs. 
These could be considered conservative cost savings figures.  I have seen veterinary clinics increase their radiographic revenue up to 4 times what was produced with conventional film x-rays.  With these increases in revenue and cost savings it is easy to understand why purchasing a digital x-ray system with a lease payment can result in an increase in revenue that will quickly produce the lease payment and potentially produce thousands more in positive cash flow.  That is why we say a new Digital X-ray System purchase could be considered a “FREE” purchase.

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